Ashley was born in 1992 in New England. She migrated to the West Coast after 21 years, on the cusp of completing a duel degree in both graphic design and studio art in record time. She set out in search of a habitat that could handle her creative dreams, and crash landed in the heart of Seattle.
Since then, Ashley has become a globally recognized design hybrid, having worked with over 60 clients, designers, and artists before reaching the age of 23. Her studio was launched to house all entities of her various skills under one roof. She is most noted as a cinematic editorial photographer, specifically in the sci-fi genre, and is often sought out for her advanced knowledge in post production as well as her distinct conceptual vision for numerous campaigns and editorials. Ashley spends much of her time helping businesses give visual life to their voice through imagery and digital advertising within her current creative services company. She is also head designer for an apparel company, and editorial campaign director for select retailers, runs an entire magazine single-handedly and balances a busy design schedule in an architecture firm. In the precious moments that she isn't working, Ashley can be found drinking numerous lattes in the coffee crevices of Pike Place, oil painting, or running the paths aside the Puget Sound while jamming out to Jay-Z. 
She seeks to plop all sorts of visual fragments of her life, as well as words, unto this little blog.