ASHLEY J. Just add coffee.
Ashley is a hybrid of all walks of design. Born with an innate obsession to combine elements of beauty with the industrial entities of our planet, she has made visual communication her purpose in life. She is known globally as a professional photographer, and is often sought out for her advanced knowledge in post production as well as her distinct conceptual vision for numerous campaigns and editorials. With extensive knowledge in styling, wardrobe, and creative direction, Ashley basically does the job of 5 people, as long as she's incredibly caffeinated and listening to great music. 
 Beyond cameras, graphic and web based design are her other fatal attractions. With a strong foundation in traditional art and illustration, a degree in both studio art and digital design, and a devoted love affair with the Adobe Suite, it's clear the creative juices runneth over. Ashley spends much of her time helping businesses give visual life to their voice through imagery and digital advertising. She is head designer for an apparel company, and editorial campaign director for select global retailers, runs an entire magazine single-handedly and balances a busy design schedule in an architecture firm. In a world congested in mediocrity, she is constantly working to dominate the art world from her little Seattle loft...because who needs sleep? 
She seeks to plop all sorts of visual fragments of her life, as well as her words, unto this little blog.