Ashley Joncas. Just add coffee. 
Ashley is a hybrid of all walks of design. Born with an innate obsession to combine elements of beauty with the industrial entities of our planet, she has made visual communication her purpose in life. She is most noted for her intricate and stylized photography, which blurs the lines of reality, fashion, and science fiction as well as her ability to be a stylist, photographer, retoucher, and model all in one shoot. With advanced knowledge of editing and retouching, Ashley has been lucky enough to collaborate with over 50 brands, artists, and designers within the past 4 years and continues to grow a high end clientele worldwide.
Beyond cameras, she is a graphic designer, specializing in cutting edge digital publication work and advertising. In the past 2 years she has held head position as Editor-in-Chief of CXIII Magazine, designed prints and textiles for robotic suits and cyber stylized leggings, and established herself as an influential style blogger and writer.
She is an East Coast native currently residing in Seattle with her lifetime love, the adobe suite.
Ashley is busy or working most of the time, but can be easily lured by a well made latte. 
Ashley J