Leggings -JEFFIE.COM
Happy happpppppy monday my dears! Rocking some killer Construct leggings in these photos...you know....space babe chic is where it's at :) Join the party bitches. My favorite thing to wear with them are all of my structural jackets and leather bustiers...ughhhhh heavennnnn :)
Anyways, I found this lovely picture on pinterest and had to repost it....because people give me shit about how much coffee I drink...but HEYYYYYYY YOU IT'S HEALTHY. I'M BEING ALL CONSCIENTIOUS SO BACK OFF THIS CHICK.
But in all seriousness, it has been proven to have therapeutic health benefits despite it being previously associate with raising blood pressure, ulcers, and gradually making you diabetic. ALL FALSE. 
The antioxidants, bioflavinoids, and vitamins combined within caffeine work together like a big fucking delis family to serve your morning with an instant jolt. It's been proven to reduce risk of stroke, dementia, and even Alzheimer's ....KAPPPOWWWWWW HOW YOU LIKE THAT HOT STEAMY PLETHORA OF KNOWLEDGE? 
So wake up and drink it up. It's good for your soul and all around mental state when dealing with idiots on a daily basis.
meowwwww that's all !

  1. Love the jacket, the leggings, the photos, your style...it's all good. :P

  2. Amazing look . I really love this outfit <3