Night Runner

Harness - Asos
Bodysuit - Black Milk
I've been terribly obsessed with dressing like a dark superhero lately. I'd say it's embarrassing, but I give zero fucks:) In the age of lightening speed motion and instant gratification, a world of selfish humans and mindless followers, it is best to become your own hero and do epic shit. I think...no I know...that on most occasions dressing the part only fuels the fire to kick butt. I find myself running around in hooded cape things, bodysuits, and leather contraptions like it is my purpose in life..to wreak havoc creating and being some fly ass bitch in a cape...all mysterious and shit..with coffee in hand on the way to the dungeon known as the school mac lab. Our position and location on this planet doesn't determine our powers, but our ability to into whatever electric jolt of energy ignite our very being...sparking ideas beyond the regular and pushing our minds far more than anyone could do for us. we have always been told.."dress the part! dress for the job you want!" blaahhhdy blahhhh blehhhh. We are our own heroes. we are breathing beings capable of endless possibilities. We live decades upon decades evolving. Part of the process is the inner tap, the self reflecting glory moment where passion and purpose collide with the present, and your own powers, whether it be artistic, or making a flawless sandwich, the purpose must synchronize with the power. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. We are all modern day superheroes in our own right....right? RIGHT. I say we start dressing the part.
Me thinks you need some catsuits and shiny stuff...ehhh? 
Farewell for now my lovelies!