Burn In Hell

Braving the swarms of evil little black flies and oncoming traffic once again to shoot some of the sickest new pieces by Your Eyes Lie...and of course every second of swatting bugs and trudging through dirt is well worth the adventure to shoot the Burn In Hell leggings.
They are really ideal for the insane amounts of crop tops hitting the market these days..like really though...the cut of these fancy pants are to die for!! And they almost look like they glow in the sun:)
This is that fantastic spot by the airport again that I adore so much...it's abandoned but gorgeous in it's shabby chic way...kind of like a house was just swept off the concrete as if it was from a Wizard of Oz and the tornado just took everything with it....leaving this weird calming abyss of dead grass and tar. I like it..I use it a lot...too much I suppose..:) I was really inspired by the colors used in Rihanna's new video...the location was just beyond incredible but nature doesn't like me so hopping into a pond was not an option:)

To give you a bit of a hint as to what is coming next week......this outfit....you better be ready.

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