the New Classic

Pants - Killstar 
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Harness - Fox and Owl
glasses - Alyssa Panda Eyes

Sunday mornings are something I truly cherish as a chronic busy bitch. The distilled moment in time that allows thoughts to fully flourish amidst extreme caffeine consumption without being boggled by deadlines..at least for a moment....is wonderful. It's always been a toughie for me to have a million ideas in my head and a millisecond to execute them in the daily grind of life. One thing I've been working on is keeping them in a little memo pad, so that they aren't "what if's" but "whens."...meaning that despite being so crammed with real life responsibilities, brilliant ideas aren't wasted into a category of "not enough time for that."  It's the only way to keep the juices flowing.  
The creative realm as a profession is this hazy playing field of uncertainty, which begs for innovation but settles on effective solutions that are cost efficient and safe. The artistry of slaving over images and pieces becomes the journey to a destination where brief...really brief..admiration is achieved and in the blink of an eye it's over. As an artist, it's important to keep your middle finger high in the air and remain an enigma of refreshing approaches and visuals. Meaning, if you have ideas, whether they are lucrative or not, hold onto them because they popped into your head for a reason. And...that will be my tid-bit of knowledge for this weekend, as I sort through the various ideas I've written down and conspire a way to fit them into the 4 days a month I have to shoot. :)
These photos ...up there ^ feature some cool pants from the lovely Kill Star Clothing. I shy away from any type of sweat pant or harem style bottoms due to me already having enough density around my bottom half :)...but these were so cool I couldn't help but rock them..or at least try. 
Stay tuned for some more mini shoots this week featuring more of their cool shit. 
Speaking of cool shit...I forgot to post these photos from a rad party I went to last month. Talk about fancy digs. 



Top by Unif , Leggings by Jeffie.com

Oh heyyyy y'allllll
Mid - September...how did that happen? But more importantly...when is the Halloween stuff coming out! Jeezzzz...I'm waiting....
I've been in the midst of somewhat intense life reflective and progressive path towards a more peaceful state of mind..and slammed with work..so please excuse my lack of fancy pictures! I quick little mash up of all things wonderful in the meantime. Some robo space goodness by Jeffie.com ^
Check out my mini interview in the latest issue of Tank Magazine...which always feels like inception when I own a magazine and then I get featured in one...:)
And can we just discuss how obsessed I am with this Queen cover ? Like.. actually...who listens to Panic at the Disco at all..and then they come at the world with this glorious thang? MIND BLOWN.


Reflective Reality

I bought this cool catsuit last year at the Lip Service Black Friday sale...and it's taken a year to get the tiny thing on. No, but in all seriousness, I bought it and realized I couldn't get the fucker on and instantly felt crushed. It spent a year traveling with me from closet to closet, from NH, to MA, to LA, and now in WA it magically fits. It's not really a go-to-brunch outfit, but it's the start of my Darth Vader costume for Halloween....just gotta finish my man hunt for a cape and a control panel belt thing...and bam! I wanted to test it's photographic presence...so this is a mini test shoot...with gasp...my real hair, sans wig. 
In other news....you may have noticed that after 4 years I finally changed the blog name. I've been doing a lot of life changing, people purging, as well as renovation on my various web platforms. "purely couture and more" was a random thing I picked when I graduated high school and thought it was cute. In reality it sounds REALLY lame, and I had been living with it because changing over domains with successfully redirecting your old feed is a pain in the booty. Alas, I bit the bullet and configured that bitch to an entirely new name. TAKE THAT INTERWEBS! 
Speaking of interweb shenanigans, NYFW is alive and kicking it's Spring ready feet high in the air. So far, as usual...the collections are pretty underwhelming. With the exception of Alexander Wang's Star Trek-esc leather clad collection...I saw nothing but cliche silhouettes and a bold accessory violently sprinkled across a look to deem itself "new." I'm rooting for Jeremy Scott and Balmain to change my mind...but good gawd, talk about the fashion doldrums. But let's not rid our minds of depressing trends! LET US JAM OUT. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.


Love and Leather

Today on one of my many lunch excursions to Starbucks I got stopped by a dude outside, who had been apparently watching what I wore each day for the past month. Creepy but flattering I suppose. As I saw him trying to wave down my attention at the little green outdoor bistro set, I took out my earphones trying to be somewhat nice while hurrying my butt into the door. "I just wanted to tell you I've been inspired by your style. It's aura is refreshing in this town, " he said. And with two sentences I felt like someone actually understood that fashion is beyond labels and fads, but a feeling. I thanked the little biker dude and made my way towards the almighty glass case of cookies and muffins, but it reminded me of why I ever fell in love with fashion.
Love is a strong word of course. I don't just slap that label on anything. Under alien water torture, will I ever admit to truly loving a thing or a place or a person and mean it. It's got to be yanked out of the pits of my heart by a force stronger than Vader's choke hold on Admiral Motti. Fashion as an industry...sucks. Fashion as an art, is everything. The market is saturated by trends that last as long as a loaf of bread, and then they are replaced by the next hot must have, because you wouldn't be caught dead eating stale bread, or wearing last months color block crop top. That's why personal style that reaches beyond trends is important. Over the years, I've had my fair share of fashion flops, and a closet full of style boo-boos on the other side of the country to prove it. Finding personal style comes full circle when you find yourself. The pieces and personal traits that stick with you despite life changes are like the core pieces that stick with you in your wardrobe for years and years. The wardrobe fails are like those moments in your life where you didn't know who you were and what the fuck was happening. 
My own style history spans from a brief period of neon wigs and "witty" crops to spiked hot pants and heelless gaga go-go boots...and those in time faded with the memories and experiences that went with them...the growth and the progress of self recognition. I'd like to say that now, my wardrobe is as structured as my life(most of the time :)). It consists of the essentials, like a well working machine. Black blazers, basic tank dresses, a slew of leather jackets and a few cyborg chic statement pieces. Add in some highly structural garments and post-apocalypse accessories, and that embodies my style. It doesn't rely on trends, or fads, but solely on my own choices. There's always a strong silhouette on the outside, encasing me, becoming part of me, and usually hiding crazy colored lace undies beneath :) I would say that fashion is never truly about trends at all. You don't need to have every latest and greatest bag or skirt...it's again, like a machine.
You are the gas and personality that runs the engine...you create the outside to reflect the inside...and put that bitch in drive. 
As for the photos! These are some of my go-to pieces for Fall-Winter on more casual days, which always have a hint of Wang.  Alexander Wang has consistently created pieces that have remained relevant aesthetically whether it be from 2014 or 2001. If I can think of anyone who creates style and not trends..it's that dude. His 2013 line..though considered fashion ancient history by now..is still my favorite and one of my biggest influences 


Duel of the Fates

oversized hooded cape - H&M (dude's section)
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Living in walking distance to H&M means that I walk to such store more than I ever should. As Fall approaches and people are all about the bundle up lifestyle, I began my search for cozy accessories. Shockingly!..and I say SHOCKINGLY...the women's section only carries these semi-transparent dainty little scarves that resemble napkins trying to be edgy. It never dawned on me to check the secret bottom floor section of the Seattle H&M men's section for anything I would contemplate wearing...but holy shit...they have the most amazing chunky knit scarves I could have hoped for...WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO KNOW. Scarves are so gender neutral yet we automatically assume dudes only want big fucking face covering things of glory. FALSE. Ladies want that too.
I'm not even wearing the scarves I bought in this photoset but the super cool hooded jacket is from their DIVIDED men's line...but it screamed Sith Lord and it will be a cold day on Tattooine when I put that back on the shelf because it's made for a bro. IT'S MINE.
I don't know why it's no longer available online (possibly so awesome that it sold out ..) but check in store if you feel so inclined to look alil' like this :)
Also when I shot this set...it reminded of my most favorite shower jam..and my theme song...Duel of the Fates....
and before we end the day....check out this rad installation "The Transfinite" by Ryoji Ikeda.
I'd like to live in a place like this one day....a living room plagued with the potential of vertigo...yes....that's good stuff :)


Beggin for Thread

I'd like to take this moment to marinate in the fact that for the first time in 6 years I'm wearing real pants....truth, because like many humans, I too have major fit issues with certain clothes. Proportionally I'm a bit wonky so it has always been near impossible for any type of perfect fit....and I'm not really a blue jeans" type of chick..so what on this planet would ever even satisfy me...really...:)
Turns out I just needed to try out every pair Zara and H&M ever created. I managed to find the ultimate pair of black high waisted skinnies...because I'm not about to show any crackage, ya dig? And these half denim half leather contraptions are from the latest H&M fall collection. If you're wearing any type of leather ankle boot, it gives the illusion of thigh highs, which makes them pretty duel purpose if you ask me? In the midst of searching for big girl pants, I've been on the quest to create the ultimate cyborg showroom-esc abode. When anyone really gets their own space, it's inclination to decorate according to theme..and fuck....boho, and traditional, and typical "contemporary" bore me to death. Nobody ever goes after an inner sanctum of darkness, lined with structured jackets and tipped off with sci-fi pillows. That, along with my obsession with acrylic furniture, and we have the start to a cool casa. I'm going to shoot the whole thing eventually but this is my favorite little corner...

That's all dolls!