Electric Heart

Hey guys!
Apologies for being off the blogger grid lately. A lot of personal things and work things keeping me so busy...oh and some top secret shoots...:) I've been really into adding red to my daily attire lately, so when this tartan maxi from Killstar magically appeared in my mailbox...my inner Gwen Stefani squealed. My camera pooped out in the midst of this mini shoot, so alas! 3 photos of the almighty majestic dress is all I could manage.  In other news, I've got some fun collaborations in the works with a few designers, as well as the beginnings of the latest CXIII issue...YES...you heard correct! It's happening sooner than expected, after much debate with myself, as well as many asking where the fuck the latest issue is. It's coming....most likely April 1st :) YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!
All for now dolls,


1 - 31 - 2015

When I heard that the Star Wars : Power of Costume exhibit was hitting Seattle, I nearly pissed in my cockpit...so to speak....in excitement, because duh...put me in a room filled with any costumes and I go goo-goo eyed..but to be face to face with Vader's precious armor...I couldn't even fathom. So I threw on the robot suit and hit the debut day with camera in hand for Vader selfies. The images above were what I could manage to grab in a sea of people, and in line with the "no flash photo" rule...which blows...BUT...STILL AMAZING! I'm always a little bummed when I can't climb over a glass barricade to hug a seemingly hug worthy Chewie, but I guess a girl just has to keep dreaming! His big fuzzy arms are just asking for it! Anyways, I highly recommend it to anyone in the PNW area fo shizzle. It was such a great way to end a hella turbulent week. There will be some fresh new shoots coming at you soon, so stay tuned, my pretties!


As the Rush Comes

If Seattle Winters include 60 degree sunny weekends, than I'll take it. This was some kind of rare apocalypse of perfect weather and killer lighting..that no bitch with a tripod could ever pass up. But in all seriousness I ran through the sculpture park for about 15 minutes and managed about a gazillion epic shots. Not bad for a simple light test, eh? The gigantic rusty structures were graced with tiny traces of tree shadow, which almost felt like holograms of branches amidst cold surfaces and metallics...AND I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT. It's also nice to know that I can walk through a crowd of dog walkers in a robot suit and not be photobombed or man handled:) Hooray for cyborg acceptance!
In other news, a lot of people have been asking about what  has been going on with the magazine. It's been quite the busy year, as you may or may not have realized glancing through this little blog. It's not dead, I can say that. I have a personality that is driven to put out only the best results and work once committed to a project, and with a full time job and a few side projects, you can begin to calculate the circumference around the sacred realm of free time in my life is the square root of about zero. I would never put forth anything that I'm not fully proud of as an owner and creative director, and with that, the next issue will most likely release by mid-year. Is that being a perfectionist? I don't even know :) A lot of my drive to succeed lies within my initial vivid mental vision of the outcome, and the idea of half-assing for the sake of content isn't worth it to me. Thus, things are moving very slowly, but precisely in the background and undergrounds of CXIII. I'd be a fool to let it go, for the millions who have glanced through or graced the pages. I keep my business relationships, contacts, and fellow creators very close to my heart and mind. If I ever have free minutes or hours, I'd rather be surrounded by people who inspire me, instead of running around a club with sweaty idiots, or hanging in a bar pretending to like sports. I want to do things that impact our planet visually, and after having a mini near death experience yesterday, I realized this more than ever.  Sometimes in life, we push aside the little moments or sparks that push us mentally, and we grab for what makes us appear liked or popular, or cool. Fuck cool. Embrace the things that inspire. Being powerful in thought and action is far more difficult to come by than a joe shmo who likes the same coffee as you. As a creator, my ideas are held just as close to me as my deepest emotions. Sharing time and hopes and dreams shouldn't ever be wasted on temporary people. With that being said, fill your life with meaningful things, meaningful people, passion fueled projects, aspirations, laughter, learning,  and a willingness to be a force on your own. Not everything will be easy, not everyone will like you, and chances are not everything will fit into a day. Be selective and ambitious, and move through life like a ninja with purpose, dancing to the sickest beats through life's twists and turns. Don't just live, feel. And eat a donut, for gawdddd sake! They're so tasty ;) Currently, my ninja jam is set to Motorcycle, As the Rush Comes. 
Dance, bitches, dance!
suit by Jeffie.com
location : Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle



Hey Guys! It's Friday! *Does happy dance*
I wanted to show a few of the killer images from a shoot that took place last weekend, which involved a little muscle, a lot of cool clothing, and basically taking over the building I live in for a few hours. Luckily, the residence people were nice enough to let me take over the gym and a huge 2 bedroom loft:) This was also one of the rare occasions where I got to be behind the camera completely, which is where I'm most comfortable. Style direction, and basically, photo directing has been a huge passion of mine since starting photography 4 years ago. I love taking ordinary spaces, under-utilized textures, and combining them with high concept design and execution..and a stylized gym shoot has been something I've wanted to do for over a year. My fabulous model, Adrianna was a breath of fresh air to shoot, with the guts to rock robo-legs and the personality to pump iron for a shot while still cracking jokes:) My style for shooting has always been small scale, minimal "crew" and very personal but conceptualized. I think lately, people tend to judge the "legit" factor of a shoot by how many hands were in the process, and the gear.. and bounce boards...and the blah blah blah...I strive to think out of the box, with normal places like gyms, and cool windows, and a select few passionate people to make a success of an editorial. 
Anyways, it was a great day of shooting and the images came out way better than I pictured! 
To see the full gym editorial, go to:

leggings and space hoodie  by Jeffie
Jacket by Michelle Uberreste


Twenty 3

I can't say I know what really happens when you turn 23, but alas, here I am. The sheer magnitude of sharing two huge holidays within the same 3 week period as my Birthday makes it incredibly easy to forget...but ALAS ALAS, this bitch has survived another spin around the sun :)
I think this year I feel like a new lady fo sho. As I've been blabbing about for the past month of posts ;) Age in general is just a blob to me. Down to it's core, it's a numerical calculation of time living as a functioning being, but in reality I'm more interested in the compilation of actions and improvements one does in a lifespan. In society we focus heavily on numbers, weight, age, income, calories, la da da da da...all of that. It has a direct effect on our emotions and can be the sole hindrance stopping us from doing great things. In reality, numbers can't measure passion, or drive, or potential. They are literally invisible things that imprison what we think is impossible. For example, if you told me ten years ago, that I could be a painter, an illustrator, a photographer, model, apparel designer, graphic designer, web designer, globally followed fashion blogger, manage a full time job and a hand full of side gigs, be happy, be strong, be independent, and all while looking damn fabulous living in a killer loft on the other side of the country all by the age of 23...I would have laughed so hard my scrunchy would have popped off my head. It's not normal by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not the number that has defined at what stages of life I can handle situations and responsibility. It's drive. Waiting for things doesn't work. Pushing through that atmospheric pressures of being 22 and going forth into another 365 day spin cycle of life will be one of even more drive to be a impossibly strange and passionate human being....a human capable of momentous artistic triumphs and possibly doing handstands and pretzel-like yoga moves...a human who is undoubtably caring with many but careful with who breaches the code past the body and into the soul and beating heart...a human 8400 days old...or 23 years young...or 1200 weeks kickin'...but who count's that shit anyways? Hobbits? pshhh.


two thousand 15

It's hard to fathom that it's already a new year...and that Even Steven's came out exactly 15 years ago...back when Shia Labeouf was sane...you know, just to put this big ol' time vacuum into perspective :) But enough about Disney Original shows, we've got bigger things to discuss..like this amazing location first of all. The Olympic Sculpture park forever has my heart. I'm making a conscious effort to shoot outside my little studio despite bat shit cray weather, and luckily this is a 3 minute walk:) In 2015 I've decided to really take my post production skills to the next level. I'm constantly trying to improve and learn and enhance these methods despite being at maximum busy capacity. So it will most likely mean fewer images but more thoughtfully orchestrated in execution and detail. On a personal level, I'm focused heavily on my physical, spiritual, and mental health this year, and have officially begun my hot steamy committed relationship to yoga and bikram. Granted, my downward dog looks more like a dead dog at the moment, but the actual internal changes so far are pretty damn awesome. I also secretly want to do crazy ninja poses with the greatest of ease..but..alas...it appears that will take a while:) In general I'm aiming to listen to myself more this year, rather than dedicating all of my precious time to eeeevvverryoneee else. My instincts have always been to put a lot of other people first on the priority list, and I think now is the time to get to know myself again and learn some cool new shit. So, 2014, I bid you fairwell....you were full of some crazy ass times and life lessons galore. It was a year full of shoots, traveling, dealing with idiots, handling grown-up situations, and plowing through life while looking fabulous. Thanks to all of my loyal and lovely readers and followers who have watched me grow and become the lady who can handle a million jobs at once and not become a looney. As much as I strive to create for myself, I also do it to inspire the small group of awesome people who view what I do. :)