A Sequence

Hey y'all!
In my small precious fragments of free time, I've really been messing with new lighting techniques in my studio. I've always loved images where movement and bone structure are the sole focus, with the background somewhat non-existent...floating in an abyss. On a sunny day...that's tough! Luckily, I'm a beast with light manipulation by now :) 
In other news, I'm in the very beginning stages of embarking on an art book, that delves deep into more of the creative practices that lead me to photography...which is traditional art. Just like my actual personal life, I keep much of my artwork as of late, secluded. The foundations of traditional art have been one of the most crucial aspects to my workflow, my style of photography, and my very outlook on life. Likewise, art has been a catalyst for positive progress in my life as a functioning human in this crazy world :) Much of my paintings and sketches are ignited from various experiences that I've lived through, and are still going through..and just plopping a jpg on facebook would be meaningless to me....so I'm bakin' up a big book! It will combine sketches, concepts, paintings of various mediums..and gradually follow the sequence I've grown with artistically, and end in photography...as well as small tid-bits of my writing.  I'm very excited to finally unleash the imagery early next year, but for now, expect small doses and bits of info here and there :) Along with a tangible book, many of the pieces will be available for purchase as prints...so expect me to also be chugging along in the background of life, on some beastly commerce section on my website :) 
For now, I shall hold the world in suspense of what shall come :)


Splinter Cells

 g'day folks!
I dipped my cranium into water, and then took photos. I can't really find a way to glamorize how much of a hot mess some shoots can actually be behind the scenes...especially as a self portrait photographer. More people should talk about it, so here I am to do so. Many times a week, I get questions and comments about the image quality and attention to detail I have in images. Many of those people don't get to see me hunched over under a hot lamp, with eyeliner dripping off my face, and strategically hiding one arm behind me to conceal a remote. Most people have never witnessed the sheer panic of a tripod falling over on a breezy day..and that life/death moment when you're alone and your precious camera faceplants to the ground. Likewise, most people aren't there to watch me relentlessly color process and spend hours finessing. Like all things in life, visual and tangible goals...they exist because of the work put into them. For this shoot, I spent a good 2 hours screwing with light, dumping cups of water on my head, trying to answer text messages,baking under a spotlight, and trying to take photos...with a result of 2 final images. I'd like to think there was an easy way, but then again, I'd rather face a challenge..which is how you grow as an artist in technique and precision. 

Things coming your way include a cool Calvin Klein shoot, some big news for upcoming projects...and random bits of life inbetween :) Happy Sunday!! 


Of Earth, or of Else

Happy Thursday, peeps!
Life has been keeping me mega busy. In the past month I've finished up my studio revamp, plugged through some major web coding work that's been killing me for months, and also managed to whip up an awesome Nasa suit, which I've been dying to do for ages, but finally got the time to alter and finish it...and also crossing my fingers I can shoot it before Fall for a major project I'm working on.
I've been diving deep into more black and white photography, so be on the lookout in the next few days of some experimental shoots that are just hitting the editing chopping block.


Surface Theories

The unbearable summer heat reared it's unforgiving head upon our poor city this weekend, making any type of outdoor shoot near impossible. I managed to get out just long enough to get images, but alas, my constant war with any temperature about 80 degrees caused my little vampire self to seclude back into my air conditioned abode. I spent much of Saturday reorganizing my studio loft into a complete work studio..meaning...it looks less like someone lives in it, and more like a bad ass lair reeking of creative possibilities:) I must admit, I've gone back and forth with the idea of decorating as an everyday human even after living here a year...with classic furniture and such, but what I create, and a habitat that helps those projects flourish is way more important than playing house. I'm preparing mission control...a.k.a my desk of world domination...as well as some cool photo studio additions to make indoor photos pop like nobodies bizness.  
I also started work on making a full fledged Nasa training suit...for various daily activities. I'm really hoping to shoot it in a desert when I fly to LA this September..so crossing my fingers and toes I can get it done! (And maybe find a helmet by then ) :)


The Ides of July

Once upon a mid February day, the lovely Roxanne beamed herself from the land of LA, straight to the trenches of downtown Seattle...for a rooftop shoot extravaganza. We jumped atop less-than-stable steel structures, dozens of stories above the city, because when you're shooting for a video game collaboration...logic gets a big shove to the side in the name of fashion. 
Yes, my dearies, I can finally release these photos because licensing deals can take many moons, many months, many revisions...many cat lives. Having worked on the designs for so long, and then shooting them, and then just waiting for them to release, I'm super happy they are out!
In other news I'm working on some top secret things still. I'll also be posting some more artwork in the coming months, as I have committed myself to finishing all of the pieces I've started. I've been slowly chomping away at some large scale oil paintings for my loft, but due to time I keep sticking them back in the corner and staring longingly..waiting for them to finish themselves..ALAS..I gotta wield the brush and finish those bitches. 


Rebellen Vogel

Happy Sunday, guys! 
I spent much of Saturday morning shooting "Rebellen Vogel" (which is rebel bird in German) for an accessory editorial campaign.  I'm lucky to have many clients that fully embrace my unnatural approach to advertising, and my creative vision as both something that is marketable, but at the end of the day, very me. I feel that when I send out image sets, I can release them knowing that they weren't dumbed down aesthetically to appease to commercial appeal. The integrity is interwoven into every square inch of the photos, which is why I can pull 80-90 hour work weeks and not go bat shit cray. It's all about the integrity of work and the integrity of yourself.

Let's face it : I spend most of my life working. I chose to live a duel life of both a day job and my after hours job of being a passionate creator. From early on I knew art would be the fuel that pushed growth internally, and therefor visually. It dictates the way I present myself to the world, as a strange sculptural mass of dark layers, ever-changing the visual expectations in society. Art has pulled me through trauma, heartbreak, through life’s daily disasters, and has maintained a continuous addictive factor to my survival. Many of us spend years stumbling around looking for an answer to their destiny. I managed to grasp and hold tight to mine early. 

The tightrope walk between passion and the market is what is utterly terrifying. What is beautiful and marketable and sellable right now is as clear as day. What makes money in graphics is logos with hipster bears silhouettes, geometric shapes, branding drinks out of mason jars and the idea of re-furbished. Photography strives on commercial images of gallivants through a field with a mirror, popping you head out of flower bushes ever so gracefully, and when in doubt, a headdress. 

We can spend our lives chasing ideas inspired by popular culture, reinterpreting them, and making bank. What I've always strived for is being authentic to my ideas and keeping things future oriented. 10 years from now, I want to look at my work and say "you still can't buy that as a $5 stock image." 6 months from now, I want to look at what I've done this year, and push myself harder. Tomorrow, I want to wake up and feel the desire to look at the world upside-down, look at something ugly, and find the beauty. If we keep staring at our competitors looking for our answers, and what we think we should be doing because it's popular or aesthetically pleasing at the moment, the world will be just a sea of lake pictures with settling fog and a frail silhouette on a distant stump. I want to find out what's next. I want to set humans on landscapes that depict the future, the unsettled terrain of our entire universe, the gritty environments that 10 years from now could be our reality. I want to find the beauty in that desolate reality, because I believe we will eventually face it if we can't change our ways as a human race. I dream a lot....of the way visual interpretation of beauty is shifting. Last week on one of my runs, there was a dead crow, just lying on the ground with its wings spread out, as if it was embracing death like a boss. Though motionless and worn, with his claws clenching a twig tightly still, the setting was visually stunning, and was the inspiration for this entire campaign. The life of that little rebellious bird deserved to live on. 
Anyways, I encourage my fellow artists to embrace the ugly corners of this vast planet. They can spark the untapped creative crevices of your mind. 
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