After an hour of make-shifting some kind of chin height table for portrait tests...I most definitely resorted to using my bathroom for more than it's suggested purposes :) It's ironic that to come up with a simple look for a photograph, you just need to stare at your surrounding walls long enough to pull a macgyver. Amidst the see of images on Pinterest, I came across this stunning vintage portrait of some random chic in a stupid frilly bonnet leaning against a table and staring off into space. I immediately became entranced with a fudge brownie recipe to the left of it and in a flash, could not find the photo again...but the overall vibe really was thought provoking. As an artist, I constantly struggle with the demand for results verses the actual time it takes to just sit there and think about the strategy to get to the desired outcome. It's like sitting Dali down and saying "paint a picture about this...ok go" and expecting instant perfection. One of the most important aspects to my own process is to constantly be diving in and out of the same project, with breaks of alternate visuals. Sometimes you have to drop everything and come back to realize the next steps...or stare out into the great blue ( or grey in today's case) skies. I find myself going into this like...stare out the window phase for concepts...that to me is normal...but when I saw that old photo on Pinterest...I was basically like.." that's me...zoning the fuck out while looking fabulous" :)
Anyways...my make shift table turned into a homemade shit table, and I dragged my studio light and wig into the bathroom like all classy bitches do. To the eye, the end images appear serene and still....and behind the scenes, there's a toilet, a mirror and a tripod within chin's distance, all encasing you in a hot mess of a beauty shoot. Kind of like the mind I suppose, because what you see is not always the whole story.
Big shoots coming to the blog soon, by the way. I had my mini Wang rant a few weeks ago, but managed to fuck the system a tad and buy things people returned ....bless those fashion gods...granted I could only grab a could more things, but it will be a cold day in hell when I pass up shooting that amazingness. Also, thanking the Instagram gods for this situation as well. type in Wang's sacred hashtag and a feed of images captioned with witty lines about the amount of returns that magically appeared in H&M stores a week later. Also shooting a killer handbag editorial this weekend...stay tuned my pretties :)


11 twenty 2 thousand and 14

I shot these sets around Halloween, but leave it to me to create a vortex of dozens of photosets on my desktop that haven't been officially published. I do so many dark shoots that they all become a massive black infused blob of bad ass images. Anyways...these are bits and pieces from promotional shoots over the past month. I don't even know what possessed me to pull out the dreaded BM "swimsuits" from their dark prison, a.k.a. the pits of my closet...but they went with the styling so whatevs.  
In other news, there are some cool collabs in the works..so watch this space :) In even more news, I've been so busy with work and with life's crazy twists and stresses ..that my noggin is empty of thought...so just absorb the pretty pictures and keep and eye out for some cool shit :) 


Fearful Odds

It was an absolutely sunny and glorious day today...which was such a change of scenery considering last week the wind and rain was so nutty I managed to lose two umbrellas with the battle against momma nature. It was so calm and serene, I couldn't help but drag my ass up to the roof of my building to test the light and space...since I had never shot there before :) The view is pretty breathtaking...and at times I felt like a goober doing makeshift vogue poses when Mount Rainier stands with such beautiful stature behind me. That and a big crane...which I've walked by every day since moving here and resisted climbing on to get a picture...but hey...that's illegal...I don't have time for that!
I also really really wanted to shoot the one and only thing I could grab from the new Alexander Wang collection at H&M....and jeez...if I ever got a stroke from a release of neoprene tube tops..it had to be this one. One of the things that I commend Wang for, is deciding to do "Accessible fashion" and partner with H&M. However...is the definition of accessible fashion lining up the night before with color coded wrist bands and rules...and sitting at work hitting the refresh button as the site goes live and crashes for an hour straight? I'd call that obsessive fashion. I wanted this collection more than anything but alas, it wasn't really meant to be. An hour into the sale, everything was gone. What I can say about this type of thangggg...these collaborations...these moments where articles of clothing become life consuming...is that I'm actually happy it all turned out the way it did (my bank account is happy too) Two days after the sale, the only piece that truly caught my eye when sneak previews were leaking online...happened to be hanging all by itself at the downtown store...in my size. The fashion gods granted upon me only the necessity rather than the excess, which is a lesson one must possess with shopping. Needless to say, I bought it and shot it :) Ironically on this brilliant sunny day, I managed to turn this shoot into a dark and deadly pictorial...which, hey...give me sun and I'll give it a vampire twist.


Rebel Scum, Party of One

Dress - All Saints
Collar - Fox and Owl
Here I sit, in my favorite dress, on my favorite chair, with my favorite new accessory...on my favorite night of the week. Please excuse all of the best things in one photoset...but I can't help it :) This dress is some serious leather goodness. It was plucked out of the All Saints LA store in the midst of a Birthday excursion last year, and hasn't been worn out since. ...I know...lame...it's dying for the right moment, and I just haven't had it yet. In the meantime, it at least deserves some shallow beauty shots :) And paired with this cool new collar by Fox and Owl, and it instantly transforms into a structural masterpiece. These shoes never see the light of day very much either, but are equally cool. I suppose you could say I have multiple facets of my wardrobe...which includes things that are fucking fantastic but lack an occasion...which is basically my excuse for buying shit I don't necessarily need..but admitting is the first step...;)



Happy Wednesday!
It's Halloweek, and you better believe I'm cramming a bunch of spooky picture sets in this week :) The shoot above was a bit of an accident, that started with me adventuring to Target for paper towels...and ended with me buying the entire face paint section. And, the bottom slew of beautiful snaps are from the Kills concert on Monday night. It was AMAZING. To say that they sound better live is an understatement, and being so damn close to the creative masterminds that have influenced my own style, taste in music, and outlook on life..was a dream come true moment. So many of my shoots..since way back in 2012, have been loosely styled based off of the vibe of the videos for "U.R. A. Fever" and "Cheep and Cheerful" and basically everything they have ever popped outta their brilliant minds. ANYWAYS....yes I could ramble all day about how great it was...what is even better is that Alison of the Kills, and Jack White are doing another Dead Weather album set to release in 2015. SHIT JUST GOT REAL. Praise the music gods:) One of the tracks released today....


The Future Starts Slow

Jewelry and hooded dress by Killstar
Hey y'allllll :)
I've been cramming and jamming on so many things that I haven't had time to lay down a decent blog post...gasp. ..These are a set of shots from some Killstar projects, which feature their latest little gems and jewels, as well as a really bad ass hoodie dress. What I love so much about my little apartment, is the amount of usable textures on the walls for photo backgrounds. I chose to live in a more industrial style loft so that cement could be incorporated into more of my studio work..instead of running outside every two seconds:) I've also been experimenting with the use of new light sources, which lets me do more highly contrasted shadow shots...HUZZAH! WA-LAAA!  Also...it's been getting REALLLYYYY cold outside..so outdoor editorials are bound to be crushed by momma nature.
In other news....the band I've been waiting 6 years to see in concert...I'm finally finally finally seeing live...and gawd help me if I shat my pants from excitement but I wouldn't be surprised. If you have been following my blog since the very beginning...it's apparent that I hero worship The Kills...and dammit I will literally be 20 feet from Jamie Hince and one of my style icons Alison Mosshart....like honestly...what the fuck am I even going to wear?!?!?!? It's tomorrow and I'm freaking out and hopefully I can get a picture or two...crosses fingers...ANYWAYS IM JUST EXCITED OK :)
Expect a few Halloween inspired pics in the next few days..because ...DUHHH IT'S HALLOWEEK!
Never celebrate it a mere day...5 days is better..
In the meantime....jam. it. out. yo.


Linear Dreamer

jacket and leggings by Michelle Uberreste

Some Sunday night blogging action...you know...:) This was the last piece of editorial goodness from my Uberreste shoot. Let me just say...there's nothing I like more than a high waisted pant or legging that fits flawlessly....and these babies fall under that category. LOVE :) These styling choices were inspired a bit by Resident Evil...but icy as fuck...instead of brown...yeahhh.

Anyways...I've been a busy ass lady at work, but never fear, I have successfully fit a few tiny Halloween shoots into my weekends! Be on the look out for those! Also, we have some cool Killstar shoots a'brewin. ...like..honestly..there's just a bunch of shit happening all the time and who needs sleep, eh? CONFESSIONS OF A WORKOHOLIC: PART 1 : She doesn't know of these 8 hours of sleep a night you speak of.   That would be chapter one of my memoir if it existed. It would also talk about by Nutella induced nightmares about being trapped at a horrible Bruno Mars concert...but that's a whole other story.