Rooftop Assassin

Last week I went rooftop hopping with my lovely friend Ted, who happens to work at my favorite coffee spot in Seattle, and is just a fantastic person all around :) I almost never get to shoot dudes, so of course I'm going to run around town with capes and hats in tow, to get a rad menswear editorial crackin'. In the end, it was a downtown Zorro meets androgynous street wear vibe...and despite the heat and quick changes, had a blast. I'm trying so hard to be behind the lens lately, which is where I'm most comfortable...really directing people and creating the vision for a shoot. My modeling has always come by accident as a result of my photography, but eventually....hopefully...one day..I can retire my face :) In reality, I built half of my photography clientele off of self portraits, but it does take a tole on your mental state spending years staring at yourself a lot in photoshop. Makes for funny little bloodshot eyeballs too ;) So here's Ted, to take some of the stress of pulling a Tyra Banks away from me for the day!



If Gandalf and Snoop Dog had a love child, I could only guess that they would feel right at home in this hooded poncho of doom. In all honesty, this piece has been crucial to my long walks to the creepy post office in downtown Seattle. It screams, " cat-call me and I'll cast a fucking spell on yo sorry ass" ...so I like to bring it out when needed :)
I'll be heading off to the east coast towards the end of the week, with witch dresses and wigs in tow...because that's the only way I know how to travel lately. It's been such a long time since I've gone back to where I grew up, but I'm excited to be reunited with the forests and landscapes of New England:)
Happy Sunday Y'all! Until we meet again...

Thelema ritual hoodie - Killstar

Rain boots - YRU



Be still my heart, for I have come across the coolest shit in existence. In the midst of a mindless internet search for summer clothes, I came across this glorious metal plated harness contraption, and all thoughts of sundresses were virtually chucked out of my 5 story window. What's even cooler is that this is the only one in existence :) Even when I buy from stores, I always try to customize garments to have a more unique feel, so this already possessed a very special quality. Special enough for a trip to the grocery store? FUCK YEAH, DUH. Special for all occasions..for all street battles, bloody duels in the midst of Seattle brunching and croissant eating..yeah..the thug life rains supreme in this area. I really wanted to photograph it at least once, so tah dah! Feast the eyes!
In other news, bless the holiday gawds, for gifting me with a Monday off...which in my world means work, but on my own cool shit. Therefor, expect epic things to be manifesting over my long weekend :) Adios, until another day!

five 22 two thousand 15

Home is where I can run around like Morticia on the out skirting rocks of the Puget Sound and not be questioned. What more could I want?
While I distract you with bayside images, be on the lookout for like 5 million editorials going live in the next few days.



Hey Hey!
This is part 1 of a 5 set editorial lookbook shoot, which will be trickled onto the blog in the next few weeks. The lace up tunic top is a new piece from Killstar's latest collection...which happened to match the medieval gauntlets of doom I bought from comiccon perfectly...ahhh fate...you coincide with my impulse buys like it was meant to be :) Summer weather crept up on Seattle faster than you can say espresso to-go..meaning the lighting is divine. Also meaning it's quite the trip prancing around in 80 degree direct sunlight in head-to-toe black...but hey, thug life...or vampire life...one of the two. Speaking of thugs and vampires, which we speak of casually together all the time, one of the garments being shot tomorrow is something reminiscent of both...if thugs and vampires and wizards had babies...with good taste in outerwear. 
Anyways, I leave you with part one, and the link to the top 
Happy Saturday!


A Dance Between the Hunter and it's Prey

A month later and here we have a plethora of travel photos from early Spring's various adventures. I'll admit, I'm good at many things, but taking time off to explore has always been a ride on the struggle bus for me. I can't bring myself to not check emails, and edit photos..and network...and well...work on things 24/7. Part of it is the intense love I have for creating ...but jeeesshhh, sometimes I wanna sit my butt on a beach and chill  :) These are some photos of my valiant effort to relax a tad, while exploring the coast. I saw my long lost friend in Portland, who was cool enough to take me to perhaps the most beautifully lush and mountainous location ever...the Gorge, of course! I'm already dreaming of going back and just staring up at the moss covered trees...and maybe doing a photoshoot...I mean, that's not work, right? Anyways, we had donuts, and saw waterfalls, and it was fabulous. A week later I flew down to LA for a change of scenery and to also see some of my lovely pals..and to attempt to chillax :) It was kind of strange since living there last year, to go again and not feel as drained. Now the only thing drained is every last drop of water! You don't realize just how bad the drought is until landing and breathing in such crispy air. Dryness aside, I met some incredible, life-changing people, and am now full speed ahead on some intensely powerful projects. I know...stop working, stop working...bad Ashley...*smacks myself on the head and then continues to check emails.
I came back completely refreshed, published the new magazine (which is doing better than any other issue yet!) and is now knee deep in around 80hrs of work a week for the next..oh..I dunno...2 years :) Be on the watch for some big things happening this year...;) That's all I can say!

What can I talk about that is not so secretive..hmmm...I've got editorials up the wah-zoo being prepped for publishing..so those shall emerge amidst these white pages oh so soon:) Oh, and that picture of me embracing the chilly Seattle air in a hard hat is me at work. (The day job) Most people kind of assume that I can live off of merely my never ending photography/client branding/magazine but alas, I also am a kick ass graphic designer/social media bossbitch/web design specialist in architecture. I get to stand on top of 12 story buildings and stuff. This one in particular will have my artwork permanently installed into the building's walls..which is RAD!!! So yeah...I'm doing a lot...but here are some pictures of trees and things:)

Lots of beauteous images coming soon! In the meantime...Mansionair is this shit and you should probably listen to them.