Linear Dreamer

jacket and leggings by Michelle Uberreste

Some Sunday night blogging action...you know...:) This was the last piece of editorial goodness from my Uberreste shoot. Let me just say...there's nothing I like more than a high waisted pant or legging that fits flawlessly....and these babies fall under that category. LOVE :) These styling choices were inspired a bit by Resident Evil...but icy as fuck...instead of brown...yeahhh.

Anyways...I've been a busy ass lady at work, but never fear, I have successfully fit a few tiny Halloween shoots into my weekends! Be on the look out for those! Also, we have some cool Killstar shoots a'brewin. ...like..honestly..there's just a bunch of shit happening all the time and who needs sleep, eh? CONFESSIONS OF A WORKOHOLIC: PART 1 : She doesn't know of these 8 hours of sleep a night you speak of.   That would be chapter one of my memoir if it existed. It would also talk about by Nutella induced nightmares about being trapped at a horrible Bruno Mars concert...but that's a whole other story. 


Never Mess with Sunday

Oh hey Happy Sunday guyzzzz. We briefly interrupt the 3 part editorial extravaganza that's been happening on the blog..to bring you equally cool things. 
Cool pants. Very cool pants. 
These were the most challenging little pair of leggings I ever did design. Many many hours to be exact. I became jedi master of vector molding and after mastering texture overlay in photoshop and illustrator, it birthed a masterpiece of battle ready legwear. For this lookbook shoot, I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of industrial textures outside against the industrial apsects of the garment design....that, and I wanted to run around outside my apartment again while the sun was reaaallll niceeee ;) I'm also happy to say that shooting is getting slightly less painful with the trusty remote control...which conveniently slid into my gloves for this set. They came out as cool as I wanted, considering I had to dodge many garbage men and garage door traffic that day. Anyways, these were inspired by that killer movie, Edge of Tomorrow. If you haven't seen it, Ashley don't wanna talk to you! The colors are indicative of Emily Blunt's beastly exo suit....which I feel weird saying since she has been burned into my brain as the bitter assistant in the Devil Wears Prada..ANYWAYS...she mans up which is cool...

Yeahhhh you do.....
We wanted these to make you feel bad ass, if you aren't...yet.;) It's really all about making you feel powerful enough to take on the daily hustle looking fab...not flip a car:)(unless you can already..) One of the things that is so great about fashion is its transformative nature...it can say everything about you without a sound of a word being spoken. So choose your pants with passion! coming soon to Jeffie.com

in the meantime...more Yppah..:) 



Part numero dos! Of my lovely cyber-infused Uberreste shoot. The weather has been too good to me..in that I can run outside and stand in the middle of a back alley draped in beams of light. I'm dreading it leaving me, but alas, that Seattle cloudy weather is basically here. The techno jacket has just enough sheen without being obnoxious, which I adore. When I styled this I was going down the path of "what would Quorra from Tron where if she had a client meeting?"....or something like that....streamline but still out of this world. :) Expect part 3 in the next couple of days. I've got some lovely shoots in the works for this weekend..as well as planting my butt down and fixing my websites...which has deemed itself impossible for me for the past month....and hopefully in between I can catch a nap. life of a workoholic. 
And HOPEFULLY finish merchandising my loft ...YES...4 years of past retail hell and I don't simply clean...I merchandise my shit to look flawless. Since the dawn of my first job at 16, nothing pisses me off more than when my sweaters aren't in descending order from grey to black, and the hangers aren't spaced well....like...call me OCD but it burns my retinas if things look yucky. One thing that is truly conducive to my work ethic in my own home is being in a space that allows for complete thought focus...without things all over the place..things on the walls...I prefer a minimalist black and white habitat. As an artist, and previous traditional artist...I ironically find white walls and exposed concrete to be more inspiring than a bunch of pictures. I've talked a bit about how I process concepts by sitting upside down, but it's also just as important to me to feel like the walls around me are limitless. It evokes more questions of what could be for me...I dunno...I like to talk casually about this but in reality it makes me appear cray:) Just know that incredible things brew from the bare walls and precisely merchandised racks that encase my humble abode/think tank....and that it's done while jamming out to some of Yppah's greatest tracks. ...


Destroy Everything You Touch

Skirt and jacket by Michelle Uberreste
Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Ok you guyzzzz...I'm pretty damn excited to show you part one of this super rad shoot/collab I did with the uber talented Michelle Uberreste. If you haven't checked out her shop, or watched her duke it out on Project Runway: Under the Gun...you've got some catching up to do! One thing that truly resonates with me is her clear vision for fashion, which has a precise eye for fit and exudes the air of a futuristic bad ass. I love when a designer is gutsy enough to really play with fabric and shape..and if this double dose of metallic cyborg realness doesn't suffice your appetite...you're cray! Anyways, I had fun shooting and styling some of her killer garments, and this is part one :)
The jacket in particular is not only comfortable and beautifully crafted..but the front zippered section is brilliant. It's almost like a shield, but then zip it down and it's like an exaggerated alien lapel..talk about dreamy. For these images I really drew heavily from the colors that danced across the fabric, as well as some alien McQueen and Gareth Pugh vibes with rigid and powerful body positions...and blasting Ladytron and the Inception soundtrack are always helpful when constructing a visual photographic pictorial such as this:) I could just blabber on about what goes through my mind for shoots...it's just my passion shining through:)
The next sets will be up later this week! 
Happy Tuesday!



Hey Y'all!
My bad for not really posting in over a week! eeek! My life has a constant roller coaster of going from manageably busy to out of this world, kiss your sleep buh-bye cray cray. This was one of those weeks of course, but in the midst of chaos I was able to squeeze in some awesome shoots..which you see a sneaky peakie of above ^ I won't give too many details out yet, but let's just say the inner cyborg in me never truly dies;) I also finally have a decent studio in my studio loft apartment...INCEPTION OF THE STUDIO! But no, it's really cool actually. Since leaving me East Coast make-shift bullshit "studio"  I haven't fully settled enough to recreate a better version. Now it lives conveniently where I sleep. It's going to be super useful for the many product shoots that are coming my way...so HUZZAH! BACKDROPS AND LEGITNESS. Thingssss be happening.
Well, things gradually shall happen. I sometimes forget I can't do everything:) It's probably one of my greatest flaws, that I'm constantly trying to manage..which is having balance instead of a to-do list that spans months. One of the points that I've been emphasizing on this lil blog for the past month or so is this gradual process of life improvement via cutting out all negative energy, people, situations..etc. It's been taking me months...and there's still a bit more to go through...but I'm probably going to have to add "get a grip on the amount of hours in a day" to the list. And to be better at telling people how I really feel...and tell the ice cream in my freezer to stop calling my name in the night...like really...those little ice cream sandwiches basically beg for me to snack at 2 am despite me being half conscious. This is the life I live :)
Oh and new McQueen...HOLLA


I know That sounds like a Cat Poster, But It's True

I took pictures around my "hood" and ate mountains of cupcakes this week...but I also watched the Lego Movie for about the 7 or 8th time in a month today...because it's brilliant and probably the most beautifully orchestrated and thought provoking movie about plastic bricks to ever exist. (if you haven't seen it, I recommend that shit) Little Emmet struggles to see why he's special...which we all kind of go through, right? When you dissect the movie, it begins with this robotic utopia of people doing things exactly how they're supposed to. Get up, watch the no pants show, get a $45 coffee and hit the work grind. In a society constructed of strict expectations (and bricks) it leaves little room to be expressive. Anyways, by the end of the movie, Emmet becomes a total bad ass because he says something moving...yeah I'm moved by the plastic man...anyways..
  "You don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it's also true. It's about all of us. Right now, it's about you. And you still can change everything."

 It's truly hard to remember your own self worth in the chaos that becomes our own daily hustle. I forget, until I stop and think about all of the things I've accomplished, continue to create, and the people I help along the way, whether they appreciate it or not. Stop and realize how you and your choices impact people around you, because you, like Emmet says, are capable of amazing things. Be around awesome people, don't listen to the hype, and don't settle for being a robot (maybe dress like one though...;)) I can honestly say, at 22 years old, this lego movie truly impacted me. The positive results from fully embracing yourself and cutting out the crap is a wonderful. I've been doing it a lot in the past two months myself, and I can feel the weight being slowly lifted like a ton of plastic bricks. So, what I've learned from this lovely film is a plethora of life lessons. 
1) Be different - it's the qualities and quirks that set us apart from even the most drone-esc environments. Go on with ur bad self. 

2) Be with the people who bring out the best, most amazing, you - They are hard to find, far and few between, and even when you do find them it's not always a cake walk, but work through it if it's worth it, and get rid of the rest. I have days where the people I love the most seem to not give two fucks, and in an instant everything is fine again. It's a challenge to determine who to keep and who to toss, who uses you and who would be there for you, but it's about learning to trust your instincts in order to fill your heart with trusting people. 

3) Push for what you believe in - If we don't talk about things, we don't make progress. If you don't say "I like running around dressed as an astronaut and painting surrealist ketchup paintings," no one will ever give you the chance to show why that might be important. Whatever it may be, fight for that shit, despite obstacles. It may take years and years but remind yourself of why it's important and no doubt will ever cross your mind of the struggles faced to be heard. 

4) The $45 coffee isn't always the best - Stop judging worth by the dollar amount, the amount on a pay check, or the street cred you get for having something. Life is about feeling something and when I die, I'd rather know I had a lifetime of feeling, than a lifetime of Louboutins, expensive dinners, and numbers. It's about little things and little moments that make life worth living.

So in conclusion...watch the Lego Movie and go forth with your amazing self. Trust the capabilities you possess and rock it out. 


Chasing Time

I can't get over how awesome the fit is with this stunning little swim by Killstar. I've been through the ringer with various retailers and their " quality" printed swimsuits...but rarely do they ever seem to fit like a glove. This one totally rocks though.
I suppose I committed an act of mere camera mischief when I put down the beloved Sony and shot this entire set with a Canon. Let's be real, I've been a Sony slut since the day I picked up a DSLR. If I could attach it to a belt and wear it around 24/7 I would...but put a new shiny thanggg in front of me and I'm bound to experiment. It was also the first time I've ever used a remote...SHOCKER... considering I dabble in self portraiture almost always, it's weird not having to run back and forth. I've yet to master hiding it in a shot but alas, I'm getting there :) It's all about changing and evolving anyways, right? RIGHT. 
In other news, Azealia Banks put out a new track and I'm blasting it until my neighbors bitch.